Presentation Topics

“The Leader Within, The Leader Without”
“Leadership has nothing to do with ability while it has everything to do with your inability to allow things to fall apart around you.”

“Right Person, Right Position, Right Time”

Do you have the right person in the right position at the right time? There are some methods which companies need to employ to insure that your organization has the right person in the right position at the right time.

“New Year, New You”
NO more resolutions. Just goals to guide your life. Goals are essential. They can be established at any time during the year. They are realistic desires that will be accomplished by a plan. Keep your goals before you at all times. “New” challenges you to establish those goals.

“If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?”
This unique presentation of achievement will motivate you to address your life realistically and the results you desire. “What do you do each day to invest in your future?”

“Intuition Doesn’t Come to an Unprepared Mind”
“Intuition” challenges you to prepare for the unexpected in life and in business.

“At Your Service”
A complete look at customer service for the entrepreneur.

“Developing Organizational Tools”
This workshop is offered in four components. Organizations falter because of lack of structure, not for lack of good ideas or people.
“Building Leaders: Leadership Training”
“Attributes of a Quality Organization”
“Constitution Development and Revision”
“By-laws Development and Revision”

“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”
“Money” examines investment options that often are overlooked. Also, emphasizes teaching youth the power of investing and saving.

“College Bound”
A real approach to a successful college life, including how to leave with a career, understanding the power of college, avoiding the freshman 15 and creating life on a budget.