May we request a topic based on our needs as a company/organization?

Yes, she prefers this so that you audience is the subject of the message. If no topic is given or requested, then she researches the company for what will most impact your audience based on company condition.

How long does she speak?

She speaks tailored to your needs and desires. Minimum is 30 minutes. Maximum is 8 hours.

Does she do leadership training?

Yes. Ages 14—94.

Is she available to deliver keynote addresses at conferences?

She actually started speaking as the keynote speaker when she started her career as a speaker.

Does she conduct workshops?

Yes, with the condition that she is the keynote speaker.

Does she deliver the messages for Black History Month and Martin Luther King Holiday celebrations?

Yes, usually targeted to college audiences and organizations in need of cultural diversity training.

Does she host diversity training?

Yes. She will train up to 200 people each day.